SHE’S BACK! Hillary Clinton Comes Out of the Woodwork to Claim the Moral High Ground


Lately, Hillary Clinton has been materializing in and out of the public square to complain about losing in 2016 and to claim that Americans are immoral for voting for Donald Trump. Ironically, she is back to say that Trump is corrupt and makes us all look bad.

Hillary Clinton joined her fellow Democrats in calling for impeachment proceedings against President Trump on Tuesday. [RELATED: White House Eying Corey Lewandowski to Lead in Impeachment Fight]

Clinton made the statement while speaking to People magazine, saying the country is in a “crisis.” “I did not come to that decision easily or quickly, but this is an emergency as I see it,” she told the magazine.

Clinton lost the 2016 election due to her outlandish policies and her violent base. From 2015 to the actual election day, her radical base was violently attacking Trump supporters and still tried to claim the moral high ground. America saw through her nonsense and voted for Trump.

In the People magazine interview, Clinton said: “This latest behavior around Ukraine, trying to enlist the president of Ukraine in a plot to undermine former Vice President Biden or lose the military aid he needs to defend against Trump’s friend Vladimir Putin — if that’s not an impeachable offense, I don’t know what is.”

Clinton’s comments came the same day House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she would back an official impeachment inquiry into Trump. [RELATED: Police Vet Tells Congress She ‘Will Not Comply’ with ‘Assault Weapon’ Ban]

Since 2016, the Democrats have tried and tried to win the favor to impeach Donald Trump. Many moderates, including Pelosi, have tried to talk sense into the party. “Impeachment is a bad idea,” Pelosi kept pleading with the radicals.

Interestingly, Pelosi reached her decision to call for impeachment after reports surfaced that the Trump administration blocked the release of a whistleblower report related to his relationship with Ukraine.

“The president of the United States is betraying our country on a daily basis,” Clinton added in her interview with People. “This man who is in the Oval Office right now is a clear and present danger to the future of the United States,” she said.

Rumor has it that Clinton is testing the waters to see if a 2020 run is plausible for her. With the failing of Beto O’Rourks and Joe Biden, the Democrats are desperate to beat Donald Trump. Even though it would be humorous to watch Clinton get beat again, I don’t think her running would be a smart move for the Democrats. [RELATED: [VIDEO] Adam Schiff Slammed For ‘Ad-Libbing’ Trump Transcript]

Ilhan Omar has made the statement that Joe Biden isn’t progressive enough to be president. I imagine it wouldn’t take long for the radicals on the left to stab Hillary in the back as well.

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