SNL Mocks Pete Buttigieg, ‘The View,’ In Season Finale


While SNL spent most of the last 2 years mocking President Trump and the GOP, pushed by a more liberal mentality, thy did show some diversity in their season finale.

According to The Federalist Papers, Saturday Night Live took a break from its non stop bashing of conservatives to take a swing at Mayor Pete Buttigieg, the Democrat candidate for president.

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Paul Rudd played the South Bend, Indiana mayor during a sketch of the ABC Daytime talk show “The View.”

The sketch started, as a lot of the Saturday Night Live season finale sketches did, with an attack on Alabama’s near complete abortion ban and took a shot at conservative Meghan McCain, MSN reported.

The hot topic of the day was Alabama’s “near total” ban on abortion, and the show’s co-hosts weighed in one at a time before Aidy Bryant’s McCain finally got her turn to defend the all-male Republican senators who voted for the draconian bill.

“OK, can I talk now?” she asked. “OK, I am the only daughter at this table. So I have to say, these senators are actually very good and fun guys.” As she continued to plead with her co-hosts to let her speak, Leslie Jones’ Whoopi Goldberg said, “No one else is talking.”

“OK, you see, and I’m getting attacked,” McCain said, starting to cry. “And as the person most upset right now, I am right.”

They finally got around to bringing on the fake Buttigieg who came on with his sleeves rolled up saying he wanted to get to work.

“I may only be 37 years old but I do feel like I represent everyday Americans,” Rudd, as Buttigieg, said to the fake show hosts.

“I’m just a Harvard-educated multilingual war veteran Rhodes Scholar, I’m just like you,” he said before bringing on his husband.

“I do wanna say that I wouldn’t be running for president if I didn’t think America was ready to accept not only a gay man, but a boring gay man in the public eye,” he said.

It doesn’t seem SNL will be providing an endorsement of Mayor Pete anytime soon.

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