State Sen. Receives THREATS Telling Her to Back Off the Epstein Case

Florida State Senator Lauren Book has reached out to Capitol Police following several anonymous threats regarding her state inquiry into handling of the Epstein investigation.

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According to Hot Air, earlier this week Book, who’s a Democrat wrote a letter to Republican Gov. DeSantis asking for an investigation of Palm Beach Sheriff Ric Bradshaw. Bradshaw was Sheriff during Jeffrey Epstein’s brief stint in jail and supervised the very special work-release arrangement that allowed Epstein to leave jail up to 12-hours a day, six-days-a-week to do whatever it is he does for a living. Now State Sen. Book says she is receiving threats warning her to back off:

Florida Sen. Lauren Book has reached out to Capitol police after receiving an anonymous warning connected to her demand for a state inquiry into Palm Beach Sheriff Ric Bradshaw’s handling of accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein’s lenient work release program, the Miami Herald has learned.

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Book, a vocal advocate for child sexual assault survivors, said she also received more than a dozen calls by Bradshaw’s political supporters asking her to back off on her call for an investigation by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement into Bradshaw…

“I’ve received countless phone calls saying ‘Little girl you don’t know what you’re getting into,’ and telling me that I should just stop,’’ said Book, a child sexual abuse survivor who has worked to pass strict sex offender laws in Florida.

In a statement, the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office said it had no knowledge of anyone trying to threaten or pressure Book.

Basically Palm Beach County agreed to investigate itself..

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Gov. DeSantis said he will consider a state investigation.

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