Ted Cruz DESTROYS Dems Entire Case; Barr Laughs In Response

Texas Senator (R) Ted Cruz took some time yesterday to help set the record straight for many who are misguided by the Democrats portrayal of Mueller report timeline.

Partial excerpt:

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Senator Cruz: “So you so you did not release those 19 Pages at that time instead a couple of weeks later You released 448 Pages the entire report which includes those 19 Pages?”

“Do I have that timeline correct?”

AG Barr: “that’s right.”

Senator Cruz: “So their entire argument is: General Barr, you suppressed the 19 pages, that are entirely public, that we have, that we can read, that they know every word of it and their complaint is it was delayed a few weeks, and that was because of your decision not to release the report peace meal, but instead release the19 pages along with the entire 448 Pages produced by the special counsel?

AG Barr: “yes”

Senator Cruz: I have to say that is an exceptionally weak argument…

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WATCH the entire exchange:

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