Teens CAUGHT ON VIDEO Spitting Into Bottles, Returning Them to Store Shelf: Reports


Yet another saga has emerged in the sickening trend of food tampering at stores as a new video has surfaced and appears to show two Indiana teens spitting into soda bottles.

According to The Epoch Times, the video shows the teens taking bottles from the cooler inside the store, which was not named. They then open the bottles, spit in them, place the caps back on, and then place the bottles in the cooler.

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According to WHTR, Brittney Edwards posted the video to her Facebook page after seeing the video, Edwards said her daughter attends school with a girl in the clip.

“I’m like ‘Are they spitting in there?’” said Edwards. “When I first saw it, it just made me disgusted because I’m pregnant,” she added.

Edwards said that she doesn’t understand why they would do something so vile.

“I don’t know what’s in kids’ minds these days, but that’s not right at all,” she told WTHR, which is based in Indianapolis.

The teens identity was not disclosed.

Many social media users expressed disgust by the stunt.

“Very sickening and disgusting,” one person wrote.

A second said that “we can’t even grocery shop now.”

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“Parents, put your phones away and pay attention to your kids. Make them get jobs and raise better people. Mine aren’t perfect but they wouldn’t do this because there would be consequences,” one man added.

Edwards said that it’s not only disgusting, but also potentially dangerous.

“At the end of the day, somebody could [get] sick, horribly sick. Hospitalized,” she told WTHR. “It don’t matter. That’s worse than E-coli to me.”

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According to TV 10, Indianapolis Metropolitan Police said that the teens carried out consumer product tampering, which is a felony in Indiana.


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