TERRORISM: U.K. Looking Into Islamic Terrorists Released From Prison Early

A convicted terrorist, who was released early from prison, has been arrested again and is facing new charges. England police arrested a 34-year-old man on Sunday after a house search led them to believe he was planning a terrorist attack.

The man and several other terrorists were released from prison early in 2018. One of these terrorists was Usman Khan, who was responsible for the recent London attack that took two lives and injured three others.

Police said they do not believe these instances are related, but they are looking deeper into all the released inmates.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson blamed the Labour Party for a statute removal, which required all early releases to be reviewed by a parole board.

“I think the practice of automatic early release, where we cut a sentence in half and let really serious and violent offenders out early, simply isn’t working,” said Johnson. “I think you’ve had some very good evidence of how that isn’t working, I’m afraid, with this case.”

The prime minister added that he’s going to take steps to ensure people who commit serious violent acts are not released early in the future.

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