Texas councilman calls Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez a ‘Bimbo’


Councilman Scott Dunn of Texas may be in some hot water with some fellow lawmakers after this tweet.

According to MSN, Richardson City Councilman Scott Dunn’s tweet, which appears to be in response to a post from the newly-elected congresswoman, was captured in a screenshot and re-shared online this week.

“The embarrassment is to have bimbos like you with nothing between your ears,” the Texas politician wrote.

The context surrounding Dunn’s tweet is unclear as he deleted his account amid criticism and backlash online, but it was in “defense of the President” and his recent State of the Union Address, the Dallas Morning-News reported.

“The words I used were offensive,” Dunn wrote in an apology posted to his personal Facebook page, which has since been made private. “I am responsible for my own words and actions. I apologize to anyone who finds what I said offensive.”

Richardson Mayor Paul Voelker released a statement saying he was ‘extremely disappointed and embarrassed’ to see Dunn’s comment.

‘While I certainly respect Councilman Dunn’s, or any citizen’s, right to freely express his or her opinion on any issue of public concern, I also believe that Richardson’s values are best upheld when we engage in civic discourse that is civil in tone, respectful of others and designed to produce constructive outcomes for the betterment of our community.

‘Even when we disagree about important political and social issues, we shouldn’t resort to name-calling.

‘I condemn the description of any woman in this manner as clearly inconsistent with Richardson’s values.’

Voelker noted that Dunn’s comment was not made in an official capacity or using city communication channels.

The mayor added: ‘I have expressed my concerns to Councilman Dunn, and I am hopeful that he will take this matter deeply to heart and that he will express sincere remorse and a clear understanding of his words’ hurtful impact.’

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