There has been a great awakening of nationalism across the world. This began with the election of Trump and the rejection of globalism. Trump ran on a nationalist platform. Through his rhetoric he rejected the globalist polices of open borders.

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He said he would build a wall to protect the American people and uphold American laws. Through his America First Agenda we have gotten out of the Paris Climate Accord, got out of the Iranian Deal and now we are no longer giving billions of dollars in aid to the Northern Triangle.

We have seen how Jair Bolsonaro became the president of Brazil.  He is a nationalist, who has vowed to end socialist measures, which has ruined the economy in Brazil. (1) After his presidential win, he said; Brazil cannot continue “flirting with socialism, communism, populism and the extremism of the left.” Meanwhile, the Venezuelans are struggling to get rid of a socialist government that has ruined that country in the last 20 years.

Venezuela is a great example of the failure of socialism. According to The Heritage Foundation, Venezuela ranks last in the Americas for economic freedom — even behind Cuba.

Bolsonaro’s win is great news for the region and shows a shift in the thinking of the people of South America. As socialism has proven once again to be a failure. History has shown us that socialism only leads to misery and death.

Meanwhile, everyone sees how European countries are in trouble due to weak border policies through a globalist agenda, which it’s been accomplished through socialist measures.  Britain Prime Minister, Theresa May struggles to strike a deal with the conservatives for her to quit in exchange for a Brexit Deal.

Even though the people have already voted for Brexit, as they wanted to have their own identity, were unhappy about poor immigration laws and lack of sovereignty. The Prime Minister does not want to take a “no” for an answer.

In addition, the grassroots protesters in France are gaining huge popularity. They are protesting the government’s open border policies and the high new fuel taxes.

According to USA TODAY, “French demonstrators have been wearing the yellow vests as a symbol of motorists’ discontent with the government’s tax policy. But the “Yellow Jacket” movement has expanded far beyond fuel to include demands that French President Emmanuel Macron alter his approach to housing, health, education and the public purse.”

According to French sociologist Christophe Guilluy, there is a stark confrontation between what he calls “la France périphérique” and those major cities that have grown more prosperous even as the working and middle classes have declined.

He builds his arguments around the growing divide between the winners of globalization—Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux, and other major cities, which host industries able to produce for the global market and the French periphery, smaller cities and rural areas that are failing to keep up.

Low paying service jobs, such as minding the children, cleaning up at restaurants, trimming the hedges of the new bourgeoisie are increasingly held by immigrants.

He says that over the past 20 years, the French central government, spooked by riots and terrorism, has moved piles of money into immigrant suburbs formerly inhabited by French natives and now largely inhabited by Islamic Muslims.

These measures seeking to ensure that new immigrants will become normally assimilated into French life have not been particularly successful.

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We are seen a rise in people wanting less government control, less taxation, free markets and better immigration policies as world leaders attempt to eliminate countries’ sovereignty through their globalist agenda.

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