Tlaib wants ‘Direct Payments’ to Constituents for slavery reparations

Freshman rep Rashida Tlaib who is no stranger to headlines seems to have jumped on the DEM bandwagon and gone all in on slavery reparations.

Tlaib thinks that the government should write the African-American residents of her district checks, and she wants them right away.

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She is known for thoughtless malarkey, ranting such things as “Let’s impeach the MFer!”. Now she’s telling reporters she wants direct cash payments to her constituents for slavery reparations and she wants the money now.

Nicholas Ballasy interviewed her, asking “Congresswoman, I just wanted to ask you about your tweet regarding the reparations hearing. What do you hope is the next step coming out of the reparations hearing that was done yesterday?”

Tlaib replied,“I hope that there is a serious conversation about voting on reparations. HR40 has been introduced by my predecessor for decades, Congressman Conyers, it is something that is very important to my district. The national conference on reparations is going to happen in Detroit this coming weekend. This is an incredibly important issue”.

She then added “I mean, if you think about any movement work on immigrant rights, on civil rights, on labor rights, it has always started in Detroit and this is something that is very rooted in trying to combat what’s happened to black Americans, continues to happen with black Americans being not actually been able to get on a level playing field — on the same level after ending slavery.”

Ballasy then got to the heart of the matter and asked “Something witnesses at the hearing mentioned, direct payments. Others mentioned investing in African-American communities around the country. What would you support? Direct payments to individuals or descendants of slaves or something else?”

“I support any opportunity for restorative justice, and that could come up all above in some instances. But I think there is a serious conversation happening in the committee and I hope continues to happen regarding reparations. But I guess it should be determined by all of us. And I can tell you at home it is direct payment that people want to see, but also increased access to higher education to real equitable funding in education systems right now across the country” Tlaib replied.

She concluded by saying “You see that now where communities of color are still getting less funding for public education, less access to lending, less access to — I mean, we’ve lost more black home ownership than any other state in the country. We’re at numbers now pre-fair housing, so there has to be something new with regards to looking at restorative justice in those lens.”

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