TRIGGERED: Liberals Hysterical Over the Build the Wall Project at White House Halloween Party

At the White House Halloween party, kids in attendance were able to write their name on a brick-colored piece of construction paper and place it on a “Build the Wall” Wall.

This harmless party activity apparently triggered liberals in attendance and around social media after it was reported by the media by an anonymous party-goer who works in government. [RELATED: President Trump Addresses ‘Mixed Reactions’ At UFC Event in Epic Tweet]

The anonymous source said they were absolutely “horrified” by the wall but were not strong enough in their convictions to allow their names to be reported by the media.

Once this was reported, social media quickly responded by calling President Trump and the White House racist, xenophobic, white supremacists, fascists, bigots, and all other types of insulting names.

Here is a sampling of the reaction by left-wing twitter: [RELATED: Warren’s Medicare For All Plan: Private Insurance Employees Displaced, Price Tag In The ‘Trillions’]

While there is nothing wrong with teaching a child how to build a wall. My nieces and nephews played with building blocks and so did we. [RELATED: Ukraine ‘Whistleblower’ Legal Team Threatens Legal Action Against Journalists]

They also play with play guns. Future bricklayers of our future or we can show the children how to be whining little snowflakes like Schiff and Nadler. Yes, I said snowflakes because these two don’t even qualify to be considered boys and definitely not men.

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