Trump Campaign Mocks Twitter’s Bias Over Doctored Biden Audio

President Trump’s reelection campaign is drawing attention to political bias and double standards on Twitter. On Thursday, the 2020 Trump campaign released deliberately manipulated audio that appears to show Joe Biden saying “coronavirus is a hoax.”

Yesterday, Twitter officials sent out a tweet saying they would warn users if a video is altered in a deceptive way. Many Twitter users believed that the measure would be a biased move to censor conservative videos that promote the Trump Camp or make Democrats “look bad.”

Recently,  Biden’s camp got a pass for posting deceptively altered audio. The audio falsely claims that Trump called the coronavirus a hoax. This was a media accusation that was debunked last month.

This came after Twitter refused to flag a fake Democrat video, which was doctored to show President Trump calling the virus a hoax.

Despite this, Democrat surrogates Don Lemon, Chuck Todd, Chris Cuomo and even Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) recently repeated the lie.

“You could have called the president out in real-time and said, ‘Hey mister, this is no hoax,’” stated CNN anchor Don Lemon. “This is no Democratic hoax, no matter how you try to describe it.”

According to Trump campaign officials, if Twitter will allow fake content by Democrats, it shouldn’t mind the doctored Biden audio either.

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