Trump SLAMS All 3 Major Tech Companies, Following The Censorship of His Social Media Director


Following the reported censorship by Facebook of President Trump’s Social media director, Trump took to twitter earlier this morning to send a message to the American people.

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Just last night, Dan Scavino Jr., President Trump’s social media Director was following up on comments posted on his Facebook Page when a interesting message popped up.

The message read in part, “You’re temporarily blocked from making comments on Facebook.  Some of your comments have been reported as spam.”

Those who are familiar with Facebook know that reporting comments as spam is a very easy and a simple way for trolls who do not necessarily agree with someones political view to report such comments as spam, to initiate a block.

This in itself identify’s a flawed system that many believe must be looked at.

Adding to the alleged censorship from all sides Sean Davis Co-Founder of The Federalist posted an interesting thread that got the attention of the President’s son Donald Trump Jr.

Trump Jr. Wrote in part, “A thread worth reading. Based on my experience with friends who I have asked to look at my timeline in their feed vs mine it’s certainly happening. I don’t know what the percentages are but it’s not insignificant.”

The thread began by asking the question: Is Twitter experimenting with shadow bans by deleting tweets so others can’t see them, but keeping them visible to you while you’re logged in? I had to re-publish my original Lisa Page transcript tweet because it was disappeared to everyone but me.

Following those tweets, Davis posted a message he received from twitter in regards to his concern saying “Twitter confirmed to me today via e-mail that it did shadowban one of my tweets about Lisa Page’s congressional testimony in order to “keep people safe[.]”

He went on to say “Twitter deliberately deleted the tweet/URL, yet kept it visible for me when I was logged in so I’d think it was still up..”

Google has also had it’s share of censorship claims by many prominent conservative voices and in late 2018 faced significant scrutiny from it’s own employees regarding a new censorship project requested by the Chinese Government.

According to NPR, Several Google employees have gone public with their opposition to the tech giant’s plans for building a search engine tailored to China’s censorship demands.

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The project, code-named Dragonfly, would block certain websites and search terms determined by the Chinese government — a move that, according to a growing number of workers at Google, is tantamount to enabling “state surveillance.”

“We are among thousands of employees who have raised our voices for months. International human rights organizations and investigative reporters have also sounded the alarm, emphasizing serious human rights concerns and repeatedly calling on Google to cancel the project,” said the letter’s signatories, whose group initially numbered nine employees but has ballooned since its publication on Medium.

“So far,” they added, “our leadership’s response has been unsatisfactory.”

What are your though’s on tech censorship?  Let us know in the comment section below.

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