Trump Supporter Stripped of Her Pageant Title Takes Position Media and Dems Will Hate


‘Miss Michigan’ Trump supporter stripped of her title appointed to ‘Women for Trump’ 2020 advisory board

By Jon Dougherty

(NationalSentinel) They say that in life, when one door closes, another opens, and that has surely been the case for former “Miss Michigan” and vocal POTUS Trump supporter and University of Michigan student Kathy Zhu.

Stripped of her title last week by PC Police and social justice warrior cowards due to “offensive, insensitive, and inappropriate” tweets, on Thursday Zhu was appointed to the Women For Trump Coalition Advisory Board, before making her first appearance on behalf of the president’s 2020 campaign Friday.

Zhu took to Twitter to celebrate her appointment (so far she hasn’t been banned nor has the tweet been deleted).

“Team Trump welcomes Kathy Zhu to the Official Women for Trump Coalition Advisory Board!” a Thursday tweet from that organization said. “[Kathy] is a patriot who has continued to stand for American values despite being stripped of her crown. Thank you for your support of President.”

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You may recall that Zhu was ‘defrocked’ as a Miss World America (MWA) contestant after pageant officials discovered she had posted what they claimed were racially and religiously intolerant posts on Twitter.

“It has been brought to the attention of MWA that your social media account contains offensive, insensitive, and inappropriate content, and in violation of MWA’s Rules and Conditions, specifically the contestant requirement of “being of good character and whose background is not likely to bring into disrepute Miss World America or any person associated with the organization,” an email to Zhu said.

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In two since-deleted tweets, Zhu wrote, “There is a ‘try a hijab on’ booth at my college campus. So, you’re telling me that it’s now just a fashion accessory and not a religious thing? Or are you just trying to get women used to being oppressed under Islam?”

The second said, “Did you know the majority of black deaths are caused by other blacks? Fix problems within your own community before blaming others.”

Zhu, who is of Asian descent — so she’s a minority herself — isn’t wrong about either of the two things she tweeted.

As this reporter has seen first-hand from having actually been deployed to an Islamic-dominated country on behalf of this great nation, women are oppressed (by our democratic standards) in Islamic societies. As for the hijab, she’s right to call casual wearing of the garment into question: Why ‘try one on’ if it has no meaning to you?

And the stats regarding black-on-black deaths are online for all to see; the FBI actually keeps very good records of this kind of stuff.

But truth is offensive to SJWs and other speech Nazis who don’t have the mental capacity or the guts to actually deal with reality, let alone different viewpoints. For the Left, groupthink isn’t just a thing they do, it’s a requirement.

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In any event, Zhu now has another mission in life: To get the greatest president of the modern era reelected so that he can continue to make (and keep) our country great again.

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