Trump Team Gets Locked and LOADED For The 2020 Election [Video]

The Trump 2020 re-election campaign has made several key hires this week. Former White House Communications Director and ex-Fox News chief Bill Shine will be transitioning to the 2020 campaign.

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Trump faces a growing list of Democratic challengers, as well as the prospect of a Republican primary from a centrist candidate. The 2020 re-election campaign for President Donald Trump is beefing up its operation as more Democratic challengers step forward, making several key hires in the past week.

With a wide-open Democratic field, the Trump campaign has to contend with a broad and diverse field of challengers, forcing staffers to develop an attack strategy they think can win in less than two years’ time.

Earlier this week, the Trump campaign announced three new communications hires. Among them is Erin Perrine, a top spokeswoman for House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy. Perrine will serve as deputy director of communications for “dealing with the press.”

Perrine has deep connections within the Capitol Hill press corps.…

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