TSA agent ENDS LIFE, Jumps From Hyatt Regency Inside Of Orlando International Airport

A Transportation and Security Administration Agent plunged to his death today after jumping from the Hyatt Regency inside of the airport.

The Incident is causing significant delays.

According to WESH 2, According to airport officials, people waiting to go through security for gates 70 – 129 rushed past screening after a man jumped from the Hyatt Regency inside of the airport.

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The Transpiration Security Authority confirmed that the deceased is a TSA agent that just finished a shift and was off-duty.

Authorities said all passengers at gates 70 – 129 are being re-screened and there may be delays.

Additional reports identify that Gates 1-59 are operating normally.


There were some planes attempting arrival in Orlando that are now seeing delayed.

Some passengers awaiting travel have “taken” to twitter to share their experiences.

One passenger was on a plane ready to depart and had to be sent back to the gate for re-screening:

More to come…

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