Tucker Carlson DESTROYS Ilhan Omar’s Anti-American Behavior; Calls her “UNGRATEFUL”

On Monday Night Tucker Carlson reviewed Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar recent week of news headlines and likened her to being ungrateful for what the USA has done for her and her family.

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Partial Excerpt:

“So she still feels this way and we know because she spoke to a group hosted by the Council on American Islamic relations (CAIR).

“While there our congresswoman complained America is bigoted against Muslims, second-class citizens, she said.”

“No proof because of certain claims. Far greater freedom in America than in any Islamic country on the planet.”

“That is why they move here, millions and millions more would like to join them and you would too if you were like them Congresswoman Omar. Omar lives here and is an elected member of Congress. Could she do that in Saudi Arabia? No. Is she grateful? No, she never stops complaining.”


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