Turkish Troops Invade Greece, US Army Announces Massive Recruitment Drive

About 35 soldiers have reportedly marched onto a floodplain site on the east bank of the River Evros near the town of Feres on the disputed border between Turkey and Greece.

Special forces and infantry set up a camp with a small Turkish flag flying from a tree and rejected Greek demands to withdraw.

Longstanding disputes over the position of the border arise from the fact the Evros River, which marks it out, often shifts its course.

The movement leaves land that is technically part of Greece to the river’s east, and land that is technically part of Turkey to its West.

The incursion took place on Friday (AEST) and was reportedly a response to a Greek army survey of the 1.6-hectare site as part of plans to build additional border fences.

Turkey currently hosts more than four million refugees from Syria and other countries affected by the conflict in the region.

As nationwide unemployment figures reach record highs, the Army is offering career-seekers an opportunity to be all they can be.

Taskandpurpose.com writes:

“The U.S. Army plans to launch a major recruiting drive between June 30 and July 2. The initiative, called Army National Hiring Days, was reportedly pitched to the Army’s service secretary and chief of staff earlier this month. It will begin shortly after the storied military branch celebrates its 245th birthday on June 14.

According to the Army Times, the push to beef up the number of soldiers in uniform follows a springtime of low recruitment, brought about by the coronavirus pandemic lockdown.

“We are engaging in the ‘Focus 22’ and we’re driving our message for people to either go into the recruiting stations or go to GoArmy.com,” Army recruiting commander Maj. Gen. Frank M. Muth told the military site.

Muth, whose spearheading the drive, said the “22” refers to the number of cities the initiative tends to target. Those cities include New York, Boston, Chicago, and Seattle, which have a large Gen Z population that might not ordinarily consider military careers.”


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