U.S. Judge Dismisses Boys’ Lawsuit Against Trump Climate Rollbacks [Video]

According to Reuters, a federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit by two Pennsylvania boys and an environmental group seeking to stop President Donald Trump from rolling back regulations addressing climate change.

The judge ruled on Tuesday that the Constitution does not guarantee what the boys and the Clean Air Council called a due process right to a “life-sustaining climate system.”

The judge said that the “Plaintiffs’ disagreement with defendants is a policy debate best left to the political process.”


“Because I have neither the authority nor the inclination to assume control of the Executive Branch, I will grant defendants’ motion,” wrote Diamond, an appointee of President George W. Bush.

Joseph Minott, executive director of the Clean Air Council, said the plaintiffs will review their options as the White House’s “deliberate indifference” to climate change increases “the frequency and intensity of its life-threatening effects.”

The U.S. Department of Justice did not immediately respond to requests for comment.



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