MADNESS: House Conservatives Unconstitutionally Shunned From Congressional Hearing

Members of the House Freedom Caucus tried to listen in on testimony by a former top aide to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

On Wednesday, Michael McKinley testified about his knowledge of how the State Department handled the Ukraine controversy.

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Some conservatives weren’t allowed to participate because they don’t sit on the panels leading the impeachment probe. Their request to view the transcript of testimony from Kurt Volker was also rejected again.

Freedom Caucus Chairman Andy Biggs accused Democrats of leaking information to control the narrative.

Americans also find it strange that the Democrats have backed out of the impeachment inquiry that they claimed was “top priority.”


“If you were to have a formal impeachment inquiry, you wouldn’t be having Soviet-style secret hearings,” explained Biggs. “Normally every member of Congress can go into any committee hearing that’s ongoing — You can’t do that here, because we’re not allowed in.”

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This comes a day after Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz attempted and failed to gain entry into Fiona Hill’s hearing.

Members of the Freedom Caucus said they have been promised a transcript of the Volker testimony, but it is unknown when they will receive it.

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