UNHINGED House Democrats Vote To Approve Articles Of Impeachment

A long-day of debate finally came to an end with lawmakers in the House voting to impeach President Trump. On Wednesday evening, lawmakers approved articles of impeachment against the president for both the abuse of power and the obstruction of Congress.

The first article passed in a 230-to-197 vote while the second article passed in a 229-to-198 vote.

Another vote, which will take place later in the week, will inevitably lead to a trial in the GOP controlled Senate. There, Democrats will need a two-thirds vote in order to remove President Trump from office.

Wednesday’s vote makes him the third president in U.S. history to be impeached, following Presidents Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton.

The vote wrapped up weeks of testimony related to President Trump’s dealings with Ukraine. The House Judiciary Committee approved rules for impeachment last week in a 23-to-17 vote.

President Trump has said the Democrat’s use of impeachment “is an embarrassment to this country.” While speaking at the White House on Friday, the president stated the House is trivializing what it means for a president to be impeached and said they are “making a fool of themselves.”

“It’s a witch hunt, it’s a sham, it’s a hoax, nothing was done wrong, zero was done wrong — I think it’s a horrible thing to be using the tool of impeachment,” he stated. “It’s something that shouldn’t be allowed and it’s a very bad thing for our country, and you’re trivializing impeachment.”

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