Users BLOCKED From Biden Harris Virtual Campaign Event After Posing Questions About Tara Reade

An event touted by the Biden campaign that was designed to discuss disparities in the black community with Senator Kamala Harris has blocked any questions related to Tara Reade’s sexual assault claims against former the former Vice President and presumptive 2020 Dem. nominee.

Co-chair of X-Strats and political pundit Alex Brusesewicz noted the censorship first hand.

Ever more strange is Senator Harris’ strong support of the #METOO movement.  Harris was a strong and vocal supporter of unfounded claims against Justice Brett Kavanaugh during his conformation hearings, however she has remained  silent amid Reade’s claims.

Corroborating evidence has surfaced that now back up Reade’s claims including a 1993 video from CNN’s Larry King Live in which her mother called the show shortly after the incident took place.

Additionally, Reade’s neighbor and co-worker’s have now also corroborated her claim.

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