Utah Voters are fighting to pass a recall law to REMOVE Mitt Romney from office

Earlier today Utah Senator and well known Trump Hater Mitt Romney publicly stated he will vote to Convict President Trump.

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When the votes were cast, Romney made it official, voting to Convict President Trump.

Romney has been displaying symptoms of Trump Derangement Syndrome since late 2015 following Trump’s announcement that he would be seeking the office of President of the United States.

There is no word yet on the success of the petition however based on today’s events it may be likely that we will see this vote at some point.

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Some others have vocalized their displeasure with the Utah senator including recent medal of honor recipient Rush Limbaugh.

“Romney’s one of these RINOs, a mainstream Republican who’s almost afraid to be a Republican and thinks he’s gotta apologize for Republicans and who they are and conservatives and who they are.”

Dennis Prager had this to say…”He [Sen. Mitt Romney] reveals his character flaws: pettiness and lack of conviction and courage”…

Do You agree it’s time to recall Senator Romney?

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