Vans Store Employee Tells 14-Year-Old “F— You” For Wearing A MAGA Hat


In what could be directly or indirectly related to Jussie Smollett’s orchestrated MAGA attack story that ripped through mainstream media headlines almost as if it was real news, a story if real political hate and disrespect has emerged.

According to Fox News, The unidentified employee, working at a store in Overland Park, Kansas, seemingly said “f–k you” to the teen as he appeared to be shopping with his family, an encounter that was filmed and uploaded to social media.

“He did nothing to you — what did you say to my son? To my 14-year-old son?” an unidentified woman asked the employee in the video. The worker did not deny he made the comment.

“I’m sure he’s heard it before,” the employee then told the woman, who headed to another area of the store in search of a manager.

“My son walked into this store. That gentleman [appearing to point at the employee] cursed and told him, ‘Take off your hat,'” the woman told another Vans employee. “He said nothing to him, 14-year-old child, then he said, ‘F you’ to my son. My son said nothing to him, did nothing.”

Vans, confirmed to Fox News that the employee involved in the interaction “is no longer with the company,” and added the company’s “primary focus is to provide the best customer service experience.”

They added:

“The actions and comments from one employee in our Oak Park location are in contrast with our company’s values and belief in personal expression,” the statement continued.



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[SUPPORT MIKE AND MY PILLOW] use code THANKS45 for up to 66 % OFF

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