[VIDEO] Adam Schiff Slammed For ‘Ad-Libbing’ Trump Transcript

Adam Schiff has been quiet after his conspiracy theories about Trump colluding with Moscow failed after the Mueller report was released a few months back. However, he returned to the news cycle yesterday when he ad-libbed Trump’s call transcripts Congress’ latest hearing.

Adam Schiff was slammed Thursday morning when – out of the gate – he “improvised fake dialogue” between President Trump and Ukraine President Zelensky. [RELATED: Trump Laughs Off Democrats’ Impeachment Crusade: ‘It’s Ridiculous’]

Democrats are desperately trying to nail Trump and begin the impeachment process over a conversation Trump had with Zelensky. Trump has been accused of strongarming Zelensky with a quid quo pro in order to get dirt on Dem rival Joe Biden.

Only the newly released transcript of the phone call doesn’t show Trump strongarming Ukraine at all. That pesky fact must have prompted “little Adam Schiff” to make up his own facts when he spoke during a House Intelligence hearing Thursday morning. [RELATED: Trump Approval Rating Jumps to 53%, Amid Dem Push for Impeachment]

Schiff continued to fabricate Trump’s words in response to the military request. “I don’t see much reciprocity here. I know what you want. I have a favor I want from YOU,” Schiff accused Trump of saying. “You better listen good. I’m only going to say this 7 times. I want you to make up dirt on my political opponent, understand, lots of it,” Schiff continued to accuse Trump of saying.

It is amazing how the Democrats seem to make things up even thou the transcripts are now out in the public and there for everyone to see. However, it is demonstrably evident that the Dems don’t care how bad they look as long as they can try to make the president look bad.

Just as Rep. Devin Nunes predicted at the beginning of the hearing: the Democrats saved that sound-byte of Schiff ad-libbing and used it to smear Trump. (There are actually people who believe Schiff’s ad-libbing represents the actual transcript.) [RELATED: Watch: Beto Says He’s Going To Confiscate Guns, Then Says Talk Of Confiscation Is ‘Fearmongering’]

Schiff then accused Trump of using that request to directly pressure Zelensky to “make up dirt” on Biden. Schiff continued to “improvise” Trump’s statements and take the conversation — that was completely out of context in order to frame Trump.

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