[VIDEO:] Chicago Teens Assault ARMED Man Outside Restaurant; BAD IDEA!

A video surfaced this week that has immediately gone viral showing an older man being beaten outside a coffee shop in Chicago’s Gold Coast.

The video begins with people inside almost ignoring the assault as others look on while an older man is assaulted by two younger teenagers.

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At no point did anyone attempt to assist the man during the assault.

After being assaulted, the quick thinking man probably fearing for his life reached for his gun.

Needless to say the coward attackers realizing they are now at a disadvantage, immediately halted their assault and left rather quickly.

While top democrats and anti-gun lobbyist’s alike travel the country with armed security regurgitating the idea that gun control is a the answer, most will turn their heads to the reality that this Chicago man possibly saved his own life, after utilizing his right to bear arms.

What many narrow minded thinkers overlook is criminals never fight fair; as you can clearly see in the video [utilizing a 2 on 1 tactic for their assault,] nor do they follow the law.



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