[Video] CRIMINAL CHARGES Issued To Students Who Harassed Border Patrol Officers During Campus Presentation


2 Students from the University of Arizona are now facing charges for their cowardly acts in connection with a video that shows the purported students violently verbally harassing uniformed border Patrol agents who were presenting at their school.

As reported by The Blaze, agents were addressing a classroom full of students when protesters converged on the classroom and commanded attention. The demonstrators compared the agents to the Ku Klux Klan, called them “murder patrol,” and later followed the agents to their cars.

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“I don’t know who allowed the murder patrol. They allow murderers to be on campus where I pay to be here. Murderers! On campus. Murderers on campus!” one student can be heard yelling in a video of the incident.

Some students phoned authorities over the students’ outlandish behaviors.

The Arizona Republic reported on Monday that authorities arrested two students in connection with the purported harassment.

The president of the University of Arizona Robert Robbins confirmed that two university students will be charged with misdemeanors in connection with the incident.

A portion of a letter from Robbins read, “The incident between the protesting students and the Criminal Justice club members was a dramatic departure from our expectations of respectful behavior and support for free speech on this campus.”

Robbins said that university police charged two students with “interference with the peaceful conduct of an educational institution.”

“At the core of these inquiries is the University of Arizona’s commitment to free speech,” Robbins’ letter added. “The student club and the CBP officers invited by the students should have been able to hold their meeting without disruption. Student protest is protected by our support for free speech, but disruption is not.”

The outlet reported that a Class 1 misdemeanor “could result in up to six months of jail time.”

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