Video Emerges DEBUNKING Media Claims That Trump Didn’t Help At Ground Zero

Several Media outlets took the time on 911 to once again attempt to paint the President as a Liar after he spoke at a 911 ceremony earlier today.

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Here is what President Trump said:

“I was looking out of a window from a building at Midtown Manhattan directly at the World Trade Center when I saw a second plane at a tremendous speed go into the second tower. It was then that I realized the world was going to change. I was no longer going to be, and it could never, ever be that innocent place that I thought it was,” Trump said.

“Soon after, I went down to Ground Zero with men who worked for me to try to help in any little way that we could,” he continued. “We were not alone. So many others were scattered around trying to do the same. They were all trying to help.”


One major flaw in reporting came from non other than USA Today.

“Trump has made several versions of this claim in the past but there is a lack of evidence that Trump helped or hired people to help on the days following the terrorist attack.”

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Shortly after all the media reports, slated to embarrass the President, This video emerged:


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