[VIDEO] Eric Bolling Confronts Man Who Made HORRIFYING Comments About His Late Son

Roughly 18 month ago while driving home from a celebratory dinner with his wife, former Fox News Analyst and now Host of “America Bolling” Eric Bolling received a call no parent ever wants to receive.

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On the the other end of the line, a friend letting Eric know his son was gone.

Eric’s son suffered an accidental overdose while attending his second year of college.

The despicable actions that were observed on video played out as described below:

“On March 20, 2019, Eric Bolling was sitting with some friends at the Trump Hotel in Washington, D.C., when a man walked by his table and said — loud enough for them to hear — that Eric’s son ‘killed himself because he was embarrassed by his dad.’ Eric followed the hate-fueled man out of the hotel and started filming what came next,” posted Bolling on social media.

Watch Bolling’s confrontation and the aftermath below:

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