[Video] Joe Biden’s Chances For A Presidential Bid In 2020 May Be SMASHED By #MeToo Movement

According to a report by Business Insider, former Vice President Joe Biden may be inching closer to a 2020 presidential bid, however the ongoing #MeToo movement may hinder his chances.

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Business Insider points out that Biden has a well photographed history of ‘hugging and kissing’ female supporters and acquaintances.

While no one has reportedly accused Biden of sexual improprieties or harassment, in the era of the #MeToo movement, numerous viral images and videos of Biden have left many progressives feeling uneasy about him.

Biden has also faced criticism for his handling of the Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas confirmation in 1991 while he chaired the Senate Judiciary Committee.

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At the time, Thomas was the subject of sexual harassment allegations from Anita Hill, an employee of Thomas’ at the Department of Education.

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Legal Insurrection noted, Joe Biden may not be an Al-Franken-level groper, and he’s certainly not a Harvey-Weinstein-level offender.

But his public displays of affection for women and girls during photo ops are widely viewed as creepy, in a touchy feely kind of way.

This video of Biden snuggling the daughter of Senator Chris Coons during his swearing in ceremony is [you fill in the descriptor]:

The video is slow motion, but no less creepy at regular speed.

Below is the infamous Ashton Carter swearing in ceremony where the expression on the face of Carter’s wife leaves a lasting impression on many.

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