[VIDEO] Nancy Pelosi Walks Back ‘Impeachment Talk’


As allegations of wrongdoing were directed toward Trump’s phone call with the president of Ukraine earlier this week, Nancy Pelosi and her Democrat entourage chose to push impeachment inquiries against him.

Without waiting on the evidence of any crime, they jumped on the bandwaggon. However, now that the transcripts are out and available for us to see, she isn’t so sure that she should hold a vote. [RELATED: [VIDEO] Adam Schiff Slammed For ‘Ad-Libbing’ Trump Transcript]

Sen. Lindsey Graham made the statement on Fox News that if Pelosi and the Democrats are so convinced that Trump is a criminal, they have an obligation to push the votes through Congress. “The American people need to see where you stand on impeaching an elected president,” Graham said.

Earlier this week Newt Gingrich said that the Dems impeachment push “makes no sense at all.” “They are against this president and pushing impeachment over a whistleblower complaint that they haven’t even seen proves it,” Gingrich said.

It is interesting to note that in 1999, a treaty was made between the U.S. and Ukraine that made it legal for U.S. and Ukraine officials to communicate about criminal matters. The treaty was signed by Bill Clinton.

Additionally, Joe Biden was a member of the Senate and approved the treaty. [RELATED: Trump Laughs Off Democrats’ Impeachment Crusade: ‘It’s Ridiculous’]

This revelation shows that President Trump was well within his rights to ask Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden and his son Hunter.

Moreover, since Nancy Pelosi made the announcement that she approved of an official impeachment inquiry, it has helped prompt a $13 million flood of campaign cash to bolster Trump’s reelection effort.

His campaign says that in the 24 hours that followed Pelosi’s Tuesday announcement of an impeachment inquiry, it raised $5 million from online donors.

A Republican National Committee official said he was also expected to raise $5 million for his campaign and the RNC from a Wednesday night fundraiser, followed by an additional $3 million from a Thursday morning breakfast. [RELATED: Trump Approval Rating Jumps to 53%, Amid Dem Push for Impeachment]

Trump’s not the only one trying to cash in on the impeachment fervor, which stems from his efforts to get the Ukrainian government to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden, a potential 2020 Democratic rival.

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