[Video] Rachel Maddow Holds Back MELT DOWN; Cries On Air Over Mueller Report


Conspiracy theorist Rachel Maddow held back the usual meltdown which many witness when her theories an proven false, however this time rather than melt down, she cried.

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According to the Federalist Papers, It was like Election Night all over again for Republicans who are celebrating and Democrats who are, again, in tears.

And that is not a euphemism. These people who pinned all of there dreams on Mueller finding collusion are in tears.

Following the delivery of Special Council Robert Mueller’s full report which recommended no further indictment’s, dispelling any notion that President Trump colluded with Russia to win an election, Maddow discussed the news Friday night on her show.

“There is worries and speculation that the reason Bill Barr got that job, the reason he was seen by President Trump as a suitable replacement for Jeff Sessions and therefore what might be expected of Bill Barr in that job is that once he got confirmed as attorney general, he’d stick his foot out and trip the special counsel, right?” she said with tears?

“He’d use his power as attorney general to block Mueller from something that Mueller was otherwise going to do,” she said.

“Something that Mueller was otherwise going to pursue Barr was going to block him. At least as far as this letter goes, from the attorney general Bill Barr tonight, Barr says he never excised that power. He’s notifying Congress formally,” she said.

“There is never anything the special counsel sought to do that Bill Barr stopped Mueller from doing. And that’s fascinating. Of course, everybody would like to hear that from Robert Mueller as well as from Bill Barr speaking on Mueller’s behalf and Robert Mueller is still at this point publicly silent,” Maddow said, fighting tears.

“As he has been from the very beginning although we’ll have more on that later. Here is more from the letter, though. The special counsel has submitted to me today a quote confidential report explaining the prosecution or delineation I’m reviewing the report that I may be in a position to advice you of the principle conclusions as soon as this weekend,” Maddow said. [Read More]


Maddow’s child like reaction drew attention on twitter.

Parkland Survivor Kyle Kashev noted her reaction as well.

Many other’s noted her reaction to the news, below are a few more.

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