VIDEO: Rand Paul ACCOSTED by Dem While Eating Lunch

Senator Rand Paul and an aid of his we accosted while eating lunch in California.

According to The Federalist Papers, Senator Rand Paul and an aide were having lunch while on a trip in California when they were accosted by a crazed Democrat who ranted at them.

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“You just ran into two people from New York, kiddo, and we’re not putting up with your Republican bulls–t,” the woman screamed.

Watch the entire video here:

Immediate reactions were seen on twitter..

Another one sorta hit home:

“Sad. Just be civil and let someone enjoy their meal. It’s like the Monty Python sketch where the person goes to the abuse room at the argument clinic. People are fond of screaming but not debating and a person just trying to enjoy a meal isn’t a place for either.”

Another said..

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“Why do unhinged leftists, Antifa types, Nancy Pelosi etc always have to have their finger pointed in the face of the one who apparently has caused their ‘unhingedness’?

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