[Video] School Bus Driver Tells Kids to ‘Go F**k Yourselves’ and Then ABANDONS School Bus

More than 25 students allege that the driver was driving under the influence and her driving had become very dangerous. Mason Persiani was a student on the bus, and explained that the journey got off to a scary start:

“When there was a turn, a right-hand turn and when she took it she was going far too fast. She ended up being halfway into the opposing lane of traffic.”

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The chaos continued and the children on the bus clearly became aware of the danger that they now found themselves in. In a video captured on the bus, children can be heard asking the bus driver to pull over.

The students were scared, but it sounds like the driver was beginning to have enough herself. Persiani continues and outlines what happened next:

“She ended up telling us to… go f**k ourselves and flipped us off. You know, stuck her hand in the air and flipped us off.”

That’s certainly one way to take care of business and abandon your duties! Mankos then pulled over the school bus as a nearby gas station.

According to Complex, When Mankos suggested pulling over the school bus, and calling everyone’s parents to pick them up, the comment was met with a resounding “yes.” She parked the vehicle at a nearby gas station where she got off, and prevented the kids from gmaking their way out as well. The children were able to escape through the emergency door located in the back of the bus.

As for Mankos, she walked away, but not before handing the keys to a gas station employee. The school district was able to get another bus out there to pick up the abandoned children while some were able to have their parents take them home.

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