Video Surfaces Showing Pelosi ADMITTING They’ve Been Trying to Impeach Trump For 2 1/2 Years

In a recent press briefing, Speaker Pelosi told reporters that she and the Democrats have been working on impeachment from close to the day President Donald Trump stepped into the White House.

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“The facts are uncontested,” the Speaker said on Tuesday sticking to the script.  “The president abused his power for his own personal political benefit.”

“His wrongdoing strikes at the very heart of our Constitution,” she said. “Our democracy is what is at stake. The president leaves us no choice but to act.”

But five days before that speech she gave another where she let the American citizens see behind the curtain.

“You’ve been hesitant for weeks to make the move and cautious to make this move to impeach.  Was there an ‘aha’  moment for your personally, a piece of evidence or testimony that swayed you now to take this step?” a reporter asked.

“Well, I’m glad you asked that question, because all I hear from the press is that I move so swiftly that it’s like a blur going by.

“This has been a couple of years – two and a half – since the initial investigation of the U.S. – of the Russian involvement in America’s election, which started much of this and led to other things,” she said.

Was it a mistake? It could be that she did not mean to say that. But wait, there was another reporter, another question and another answer.

So, all along I said for two years, this is an impeachment, it is not a pleasant experience, it can be divisive.  We don’t take any glee in this at all.  It is heartbreaking,” she said.

“We feel comfortable with all of the time that has gone into this, two and a half years since the appointment of Mueller and all that that has, that has transpired since then.

“I’m not, I have confidence, humility, again a heart full of love for America,” she said.

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