Viral Campaign Sends Nearly 12,000 BRICKS to Nancy Pelosi In Just Under 3 Weeks

A new campaign designed to send House Speaker Nancy Pelosi a firm message has prepared or sent her almost 12,000 Bricks in just under 3 weeks.

The Campaign which was kicked off a few days after the New Year has one collector company giving back to its patrons by sending a BRICK and a personal message to Speaker Pelosi.

Collector’s club owner and originator of the viral campaign Jack Murphy has this to say on the making of the now Viral movement, “We wanted a fun and creative way to tell the Democrats that we’re serious about the wall, and what better way to send Pelosi a message than with thousands of bricks at her front door?”

The DJT collectors club has already deliver it’s first batch to Both Pelosi’s San Francisco and DC offices  and is preparing a second mailing this week.

Delivery tracking identifies confirmed deliveries at both locations .

Each Brick send also has a personal message for the speaker included.

A cover message is included in each box addressed to the speaker:

TAP or CLICK here to get yours and SEND the speaker a MESSAGE.. 

“Dear Nancy Pelosi,

Every brick you receive was ordered specifically for you by the American people. Many of them even left a friendly message for you, as you’ll see below we’ve included them.

We hope you’ll take some time and think about the way you’re treating the safety of the American people. All 7,982 bricks that we’re sending you have been ordered by Americans across the country in less than 9 days. You’ll be receiving weekly shipment of bricks to your Washington D.C. and San Francisco office until you take care of your duty. We thank you for your open mind and willingness to do what the American people have asked. BUILD THE WALL AND PROTECT OUR COUNTRY!

-Your Friends At The DJT Collector Club”

Some of the personal messages included read:

Angela T – VA


Ken M – NY

America and Americans FIRST! Make America Great Again!

Shawn V – IN

Nancy, when are you going to remove your doors from your house, so anyone can come on in when they want?

Kay T – FL

I think you should house all the illegals since, they are more important to you than American citizens!

Karrie F – NY

HEY, #AntiAmerican #Obstructionist @NancyPelosi STOP going against our @POTUS @realDonaldTrump and #WeThePeople #FundTheWall #BuildTheWall #SchumerPelosiShutdown Enjoy your brick!

The Campaign is showing no signs of slowing down especially with Speaker Pelosi’s recent refusal to Negotiate on Border Safety.

The Company has set a goal of 25,000 Bricks and is well on their way to achieving their goal and sending Nancy a SERIOUS message from the American People.

If you are interested in taking part in this Fun and Meaningful campaign and want to send speaker Pelosi a Brick with a personal message, you can visit the link below.

TAP or CLICK here to get yours and SEND the speaker a MESSAGE..  #BuildTheWall

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