Watch: Beto Says He’s Going To Confiscate Guns, Then Says Talk Of Confiscation Is ‘Fearmongering’

Beto O’Rourke admits that if he ever became President he would force Americans to give up their firearms. But he also claims that anyone suggesting the government is going to do such a thing is ‘fearmongering’.

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It was left to CNN’s Chris ‘Fredo’ Cuomo, of all people, to explain to Beto that he is a walking contradiction.

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“It’s not about fear-mongering. You just said it, Beto” Cuomo noted, adding “I don’t think you can do it, legally. The Heller case makes it pretty clear that there’s an individual right to own, and I don’ t think we’ve ever seen the US government do taking of private property, like what you’re suggesting.”

“So I’m not fearmongering, I’m repeating what you are saying,” Cuomo added.

Beto had basically no comeback and resorted to arguing that schools are going to be shot up by Americans wielding AR15’s and AK47s if the government doesn’t take them away.

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It’s looking pretty bad for Beto. He just lost a debate with Fredo.

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