Devin Nunes Says James Comey Could Still Go to Prison

In an interview on Fox News, California Congressman Devin Nunes says IG report questions James Comey’s motivation when he briefed President Trump on the Steele dossier.

As you may recall, multiple intelligence agencies warned James Comey that the infamous Steele dossier was not a reliable source. To this day, the Steele dossier remains unverified.

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However, that didn’t stop James Comey from including the fake document in with the intel report they used to obtain the FISA warrant they needed to spy on the Trump camp.


Former FBI Director James Comey presents himself as the last honest man in Washington. However,  it was all a front as he was a major player in the effort to undermine Donald Trump. Comey wanted the American public to believe he was on the outside looking in. Yet, he was the one to sign off on all the documents.

Yesterday, Devin Nunes just revealed some bad news that could land him behind bars. When James Comey testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee last June, he stated that he was never an anonymous source and that he never authorized any leaks.

Interestingly, that turned out to be a big lie. Former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe was fired for leaking to the press during the Clinton email scandal and lying about it to investigators. Andrew McCabe’s defense was claiming that Director Comey had been aware of his leaks to the press.

James Comey lied to Senate and Congress. He also lied to the IG who was investigating his case. Devin Nunes said in the interview that James Comey could still face jail time. “Even though the IG report didn’t lead to the prosecution of Comey, it is packed full of evidence against Comey in the case we’ve been making,” Nunes stated.

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“There was definitely a conspiracy here, and that is what the DOJ should be looking at,” Nunes added. “When you look at manipulating intelligence and lying to the FISA court for political purposes, we know that Comey wasn’t briefing the president to get him up to speed. Comey was acting as if he were an agent,” Nunes said.

That is clear evidence that he was involved in this and not just a spectator like he pretended to be in the beginning. Comey was involved in the decision making and signed off on all the documents.

Nunes also said that just because the IG and DOJ chose not to prosecute, it doesn’t mean Comey is out of the woods yet.

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