WATCH: Kamala Harris Admits Plan To Grab 10 Million Guns and Plans to Take More


California Sen. Kamala Harris said on Wednesday that the United States must institute a mandatory gun “buyback” program to confiscate as many as 10 million firearms.

At an event in Las Vegas called the “2020 Gun Safety Forum,” MSNBC host Craig Melvin asked the Democratic presidential candidate how she would get “assault weapons” off the streets. [RELATED: REPORT: Nancy Pelosi’s Son was an Executive of a Gas Industry Company That Did Business in Ukraine]

“As you know the ’94 assault weapons ban, it didn’t apply to weapons that were purchased before 1994,” Melvin said.

“What would you do about the millions of specifically assault weapons that are already in circulation?” he asked.

“We have to have a buyback program,” Harris responded. “I support a mandatory buyback program.”

“There are five million at least, some estimate as many as 10 million,” she added. “We’re going to have to have smart public policy that’s about taking those off the streets, but doing it in the right way.” [RELATED: Insane Leftist Is Taking Thanksgiving Orders to Eat Babies]

Harris has advocated a gun confiscation program multiple times since announcing her presidential candidacy.

At an April campaign event in Iowa, she said, “We are being offered a false choice,” CNN reported. “You’re either in favor of the Second Amendment or you want to take everyone’s guns away.”

“It’s a false choice that is born out of a lack of courage from leaders who must recognize and agree that there are some practical solutions to what is a clear problem in our country.”

Harris has co-sponsored fellow California Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s Assault Weapons Ban of 2019.

After Harris called for a gun buyback program during a CNN town hall in January, the National Rifle Association responded by pointing to a federally funded 2004 study that determined the 1994 “assault weapons” ban likely had little impact on gun crime rates. [RELATED: Trump Suggests Treason Arrest for Adam Schiff over Acting Performance]

“[Assault weapons] and [large capacity magazines] were used in only a minority of gun crimes prior to the 1994 federal ban,” the study concluded.

The ’94 ban expired in 2004.

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