[Watch] Kirstjen Nielsen; Border CRISIS “A Massive CAT 5 Hurricane Disaster”

While Dem lawmakers pander to voters entering this country illegally, the country is facing an imminent crisis.

According to Fox News, Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said Tuesday that the Trump administration is treating the immigration crisis as a “Cat 5 hurricane disaster.”

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“We are bringing all of the agencies together; we’re asking everybody to chip in,” Nielsen said on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

“Why wouldn’t we put the U.S. military along our border if it’s really a crisis of that magnitude?” Carlson asked Secretary Nielsen.

“I think we’re looking into that. We’ve made the request. I’m in constant contact with the acting secretary of defense. I talked to some of the combatant commanders today. We are in fact pushing more and more military resources to the border,” Nielsen said.

Nielsen made it clear everything was being considered.

“We have to stop the drugs. We have to stop the smuggling and trafficking gangs. He’s very serious about it, so yes, I think everything is on the table,” Nielsen said.

The latest comments have, in turn, fueled a debate in Washington growing more heated by the day, as the president weighs hardline measures like closing the border. During a conference call Tuesday with reporters, Homeland Security officials declared: “The system is on fire.”

Former President Obama’s top immigration officials also seem to agree.

“By anyone’s definition, by any measure, right now we have a crisis at our southern border,” former Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said on “Cavuto LIVE” on Saturday, citing recent stats that “there were 4,000 apprehensions in one day alone this past week, and we’re on pace for 100,000 apprehensions on our southern border this month.”

That is by far a greater number than anything I saw on my watch in my three years as secretary of Homeland Security,” he said.


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