WATCH: Mexico Beefs Up Border With Police Force In RIOT GEAR Awaiting New Caravan

As a new wave of migrants descend upon the southern border, Mexican police are beefing up their security in an attempt to stop it.

With clear evidence of significant immigration issues at the Southern Border many American’s don’t have a clue as to the dangerous problems the country faces.

Top Media outlets bury stories like this on a daily basis adding to the notion that there is no real problem at the border.

As top level media outlets attempt to steer a narrative promoted by top level Democrats that there is no emergency in regards to the onslaught of migrants headed for the border, the evidence is clear.

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Just yesterday a MS -13 gang member brutally beat and shot a man in broad daylight attempting to get on a Subway train in NY.  The video is all over the internet, however most people will never hear about it.

The video is too graphic to show, but can be found just about anywhere in Twitter.

This style of reporting designed specifically to promote a narrative and censor what is really going on for reasons political in nature, is what is costing some American’s their lives and significantly putting others in danger.

Danger in the form of physical harm as discussed above or long term danger associated with the drugs that pour into the border on a daily basis.

In another video that will never see the light of a CNN news headline Mexican police can be seen in full riot preparing for the latest Caravan of migrants to arrive.


Do you think the intentionally bury’s stories for a political purposes?  If so, do you believe its ethical based on their Monopoly of viewers at a Mainstream level? Let us know below.

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