Rep. Ilhan Omar Discusses Her Terrorist Class; Then Gets EXCITED when Discussing Al Qaeda

If this does not provide you with a an uneasy feeling after watching it, nothing will.

During a recent interview newly elected Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar stated she took terrorist class, but  what really stands out is her enthusiasm when discussing  Al Qaeda.

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Several ICE agents recently shared the video which many are calling misleading, but the video speaks for itself.

Buzzfeed reported that at least two ICE officials have shared or approved posts on social media in recent days making erroneous allegations about Omar.

A senior ICE agent shared a post on LinkedIn that read, “This woman does not belong in Congress. She is a Trojan horse thanks to the refugee outbreak in Minnesota under Obama! She has already stated many dangerous things about our allies and her ideology. She must be removed!”

ICE does not have a social-media policy for employees, but the agents may have violated DHS’s code of conduct.

“If they ever have a defendant that is Muslim, they could say, ‘ICE is biased against me,’” a former ICE official told BuzzFeed News, which first reported on the agents’ social media activity. “They could introduce that in the trial.”

The post that Derewonko shared included video taken from a recent interview in which Omar, who was born in Somalia and came to the US as a refugee, mentioned a “terrorism class” that she took “in college.”

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