WATCH: Shapiro Event Draws BIGGER crowd than most 2020 Dem Candidates


Founder of the Daily Wire and influential conservative firebrand Ben Shapiro recently gave a speech at Phoenix’s Grand Canyon University.

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Shapiro always draws a good crowd, but this time it was enough to make a few Democrat presidential candidates pretty jealous…

Democrats have struggled to rally much enthusiasm, even dating back to the 2016 campaign when then candidate Trump was packing arena’s while Clinton was struggling to fill rooms.

(D) candidate Robert Francis O’ Rourke who identifies as “Beto” is having similar struggles in 2019.  His rally in Iowa city saw possibly 150 people.

One Iowa student even ran into O’Rourke in the bathroom before the event started — except the student asked him if he was there to hear O’Rourke speak.

During a press gaggle after the rally, O’Rourke admitted that he’s noticed fewer reporters at his events since he announced his candidacy on March 14.

“I’m learning, I’m becoming a better candidate,” O’Rourke told reporters.“There are fewer members of the media as we’re leaving these events,” he said. “I like that the ratio has changed a little bit as we have moved on, but I’m really struck by how kind people are, how seriously they take their responsibility to themselves and the rest of the country.”

Not much has changed since then except that you now have more candidates and even less enthusiasm especially following the Dems crushing defeat of the collusion hoax cover-up.

With AG Barr now investigating the previous administration for spying on the Trump Campaign, possible FISA abuses and corruption; things may certainly get worse before they get better.

Contrasting the obvious lack of enthusiasm for Dem candidates lets move on to Shapiro’s event in Arizona.



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