[WATCH] Trump Shares HILARIOUS Meme Mocking Joe Biden’s GROPING Behaviors


It has been known for a long time that former Vice President Joe Biden has had a bit of a problem keeping his hands to himself.

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Numerous reports with both video evidence and witness accounts have surfaced over the years, however just this week a total of 4 women have come forward and provided statements that they were in fact a victim of Mr. Touchy Feely.

As the week went on many on the left who were quick to criticize anyone with even a hint of an allegation that had a (R) in front of their name, came to Biden’s defense.

According to Breitbart, President Donald Trump shared a meme mocking Joe Biden on Thursday after the former Vice President tried to explain his habit of grabbing and touching people inappropriately.

Biden published a video on Twitter on Wednesday indicating that he had received the message from several different women accusing him of making them uncomfortable.

Meme-master Carpe Donktum took Biden’s serious video and edited it to include images of the former Vice President in the background sailing into the room and reaching up to grab him by the shoulders.

The post has since went viral.

Following the post, President Trump shared the hilarious video via twitter.


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