WE Must Not Let Big Tech Censor Political Speech Going into 2020 Election

The new book “Big Tech Tyrants” makes a powerful case for why Americans must be vigilant going into the 2020 election year, given Silicon Valley’s record of suppressing political speech, particularly from the conservative perspective.

“We know that the leftist leadership of the social media platform aims to influence elections going forward and certainly in 2020 — they have said as much publicly,” write co-authors Floyd Brown, publisher of The Western Journal, and Todd Cefaratti, political activist and senior consultant for Liftable Media, Inc.

The authors start their book with an overview of just how pervasive and powerful big tech companies have become.

“Facebook is the most successful ‘thing’ ever to happen, measured by audience: 2.2 billion people spend an average of 50 minutes a day on it,” they write.

The information social media platforms know about their users is truly staggering; they know everything from the websites you visit and who you associate with, to where you go and your political views.

Brown and Cefaratti argue that Facebook, Google, and Twitter have transitioned from social media platforms to publishers by presenting not necessarily what users indicate they want, but what the platform’s executives believe they should see.

Facebook’s head of global news partnerships, Campbell Brown, said as much during a February 2018 media conference in California, just as the social media giant implemented a new “trusted sources” algorithm change.

“This is not us stepping back from news, this is us changing our relationship with publishers and emphasizing something that Facebook has never done before. It’s having a point of view and leaning into quality news,” said Brown, who is quoted in the book.

The former CNN and NBC News anchor added, “We are, for the first time in the history of Facebook, taking a step to try to define what ‘quality news’ looks like and give that a boost.”

The authors believe the Facebook executive’s pronouncement is “hubris writ large.”

Floyd Brown and Cefaratti also discuss many other instances of conservative sites facing suppression and outright censorship from Google and Twitter. [READ MORE…]

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