WHCA Allows Outlet With Ties To China’s Communist Government Into Coronavirus Task Force Briefing


The White House Correspondents Association is allowing media with ties to China’s communist government into coronavirus task force briefings after moving to exclude One America News from them.

During Monday’s briefing, a reporter with Hong Kong outlet Phoenix TV was pressed on whether or not the station she represented was owned by China. The reporter claimed the company was privately owned.

However, a report by pro-democracy think thank Freedom House found the station’s owner is a former Chinese military officer and its coverage is generally favorable to China’s Communist Party.

President Trump questioned the reporter on the issue after she asked if he was “cooperating” with China.

The Correspondents Association’s inclusion of the pro-Beijing outlet came after the entity banned One America News from the briefing rotation last week for what they allege was a violation of it’s social distancing policy.

Despite the organization’s move, OAN’s White House correspondent Chanel Rion has continued to attend briefings and has notably been called on by the president.


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