To Send or Not To Send; Schooling Your Children In the Fall


As the push to re-open schools reaches a breaking point schools districts across the nation are ill prepared to handle the immense changes necessary to ensure the safety of all children, staff and their families alike.  One of those school districts is Alachua County, Florida.

For those who do not know where Alachua County is, Think Florida Gators..

If you are sending your kids back to school in the fall you NEED TO READ this:

First and foremost, KIDS NEED TO BE BACK IN SCHOOLS, with that said, the PUSH to do it quickly SPELLS ABSOLUTE DISASTER with multiple risks..

Let’s use ALACHUA COUNTY, Florida as an example…

The City of GAINESVILLE, FL voted to eliminate funding for School Resource Officers..

What does that mean? With the push to DE-FUND police departments across the nation, Gainesville, FL has decided to “re-allocate” funds somewhere else.

Commissioner Gail Johnson: I’m not going to call it ‘DE-FUNDING,’ but I’m going to call it ‘reallocating resources.’ 6/11/2020

So now, local schools will have to float the bill to the tune of $1-million with assistance from other agencies or our children go UNPROTECTED, in a GUN FREE ZONE.  Funding is NOT LIKELY with all monies being spent on meeting coronavirus guidelines.

This is happening in multiple counties nation and state wide.

Second: Again, CHILDREN NEED TO BE BACK IN SCHOOLS, however we now have half the population terrified of a virus. Generally speaking I think it’s NONSENSE, but again the country is now here with an INDUCED FEAR.

Many teachers DO NOT want to go back to school, are planning early retirement or planning sick leave as school returns.

The 2 LARGEST COUNTIES in the state of Florida have decided to DEFY the governors orders and remain closed, others are expected to follow.

As we speak Florida Unions and teacher unions across the country are suing any mandated re-openings.

Yes, in a time where schools will NEED MORE TEACHERS there are going to be teacher shortages.

SHORTAGES to accommodate social distancing guidelines in hallways, classes, lunch rooms all while monitoring MANDATED MASKS, 7 HOURS A DAY FOR CHILDREN.

Lawsuits mean ORDERS ARE NOT ENFORCEABLE until reviewed by a judge, Floridians can expect a stay on the Governors order within days.

Florida Teachers Sue To Block School Coronavirus Reopening Mandate  7/20/2020

Teachers unions sue Florida governor over order requiring schools to reopen amid coronavirus outbreak

You try wearing a MASK for 7 STRAIGHT HOURS.. Wait til you see what it does to your kids ears in 6 months.. Anyone remember the movie DUMBO THE ELEPHANT?

Wait, did you think classes are just magically returning to 20-25 students per room? NOT GONNA HAPPEN.

Now lets look at kids being kids: sneezing, coughing maybe doing it intentionally or unintentionally to spread the virus or just bully someone in fear. They are kids, they don’t understand the repercussions and problems it may cause. What happens when a teacher is infected. It is going to happen A LOT..

14-DAY’S off, once a person is infected… Just think how many teachers will be infected? There is NOT ENOUGH trained educators to handle this yet.

So who replaces them, either LESS QUALIFIED subs or most likely NO-ONE.

THIRD: Think of your PARENTS, they are the most vulnerable..

The bottom line is many schools have offered the option to ENROLL in traditional brick and mortar study or ONLINE.

They have asked that each student and parent stick with their choice for 9 weeks, or 1 semester and given parents a deadline of midnight MONDAY JULY 20th to decide..

Several Florida counties alone have defied the Governor and will remain closed in the fall.

Based on every variable, deep and careful study sending your child back to an environment like I stated above would be DISASTROUS and do more harm than good.

What do you think?

Out of this ENTIRE MESS, there is one positive. The option to allow children to HOME-SCHOOL right through their district for the first 9 weeks. This allows a seamless transition to traditional classes in their school at the start of the second semester.

10:1 Schools hare “praying” EVERYONE  use this option as most DO NOT WANT TO RETURN IN THE FALL.

Utilizing this option give schools TIME TO PROPERLY PLAN for what they are truly facing and parents time to see what the schools have done to ensure stability, safety and how it all has worked..

I strongly believe CHILDREN NEED TO BE BACK IN SCHOOLS, however this is the SMARTEST DECISION a parent could make, probably aligning me with a few liberal friends I have on one issue for different reasons..

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