White House Eying Corey Lewandowski to Lead in Impeachment Fight


The Trump administration was ready for the Democrats to start the impeachment proceedings. From day one, the Democrats have come at the president from all sides. Now, they are considering Cory Lewandowski to lead in that fight!

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The Trump administration has considered bringing on Corey Lewandowski as Trump’s 2016 campaign manager, and to lead the the White House fight against the Democrat’s impeachment inquiry.

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Lewandowski, who is very knowledgeable about the situation, has had multiple conversations with White House officials about coming on board to lead a crisis management team, according to CNN.

This would make Lewandowski the official spokesperson for the Trump camp.

President Trump has reportedly not made a final decision to create such a team. However, as the president always says, “all options are on the table.”

Lewandowski’s potential team could also be created outside of the administration.

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Alternatively, the White House is also considering bringing on David Bossie to fill out any crisis management team. Bossie would also be a great prospect.

Bossie served as chief investigator with the Republican-led House Oversight Committee during the impeachment proceedings of former President Bill Clinton.

The odd part about this Impeachment inquiry is how suddenly Nancy Pelosi was ready to jump on the insanity bandwagon. Without any evidence of wrongdoing, she has changed her tune really quickly.

As you may recall, Pelosi has been the governing force against embracing the impeachment agenda. She was the one who was talking sense into the other Democrats.

Oddly, when the Ukraine story broke, she climbed onboard the impeachment train. She had been getting pressure from the freshmen Democrats from day one.

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After her announcement to proceed with the inquiry, the transcripts were released. Now, the Democrat lead Congress seems to want to “punt” the impeachment talks to the Senate.

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Trey Gowdy mentioned this yesterday on Fox News.


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