WHOA: Randy Quaid Tweets Crazy Viral Thanksgiving Video; Targets John Roberts And The 9th Circuit

Randy Quaid, best know for his role as a washed up fighter pilot turn crop duster in the the blockbuster film Independence Day, has taken to twitter of late to create some very interesting politically focused videos.

His most recent video, which has since gone viral starts by wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving quickly followed by comments aimed at Chief Justice John Roberts and the 9th circuit of appeals.

Quaid; choosing an interesting lighting arrangement has this to say:

“Justice Roberts can say what he wants but the ninth circuit is a complete and total disaster it is out of control and has a horrible reputation is overturned more than 79%…  and is used to get an almost guaranteed result.

Judges must not legislate security and safety at the border or anywhere else they know nothing about it and are making our country unsafe.  

Our great law enforcement professionals must be allowed to do that job if not there will be bedlam, chaos injury and death we want our constitution as written.”


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